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Not so good

There where one or two of these that where ok, but the rest really just relied on shock humor. The animation work wasn't very good for many of them either.

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You can do better

I've seen the other stuff you've done. Take some time to make a better tribute, because this just feels thrown together. A grainy picture, some small text, and a little background music does not really do him much justice.

ngfan14 responds:

Thanks for complimenting my other stuff, I guess.

Enough bad satire

Instead of simple mockery, perhaps you'd get a better response for posting something more direct. Perhaps something that actually speaks from the heart like what's in your wonderful Author Comments above. What you gave us is simply just mocking complaints.

I can see you have good intentions, but they could be better executed.

dreftclub responds:

not a chance little bro, it's chilli dog time

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A clean and respectable game with a broken system

First of all I really gotta complement you on how well polished this game is. The designs and music are charming and the world (though simplistic) fits its sleeve well. However the games biggest flaw rests in its most interesting content.

The battle system is an interesting take on The 4 Warriors of Light system, but the AP gain makes the game crazy easy. Dumping everything into defense makes the entire game a cake walk save for the final boss. If I could recommend something, make AP cost higher and/or nerf defense a little. Other than that it's an engaging hour waster. Keep at it.

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Not a terible idea

The main problem I see with this game is that the characters fall into extremes. I can see the point that it's trying to come across, but the lack of true conflict in choices and the stereotypical, almost strawman characterization really hurt it.

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Decent little game

I honestly feel this is a little underrated.
People seem to be bashing this for the controls, but it really only takes a little getting used to. I'll admit I didn't care for it at first, but the more I played, the more I was enjoying myself. The second run through turned out to be allot easier and entertaining than I suspected.

The combination of a quirky art style and charming music really lends itself to the experience. I do recommend other players turn off the squealing with the S button as it can become very annoying very quickly.

Overall the game is a good challenge. Not for everyone, just don't get frustrated if you don't get the controls right away.

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